Organizational Constellations is a systemic approach mainly used to bring to light and diagnose hidden dynamics in a business organization. It serves to analyze alternatives for a possible change, in order to help the client, find different strategies to implement  solutions. This methodology is complimentary to other forms of diagnostic and solutions analysis.

Organizational Constellations have been created from the same underlying philosophy as Family Constellations originated by Bert Hellinger then developed by Gunthard Weber who made this new approach known to the business world by adapting its modality.

How does it work

The traditional way of working with Systemic Constellations, is through a “group” experience in which representatives configure an image relevant to the subject of the client, becoming this the starting point to let the hidden dynamics rise to surface.

This work can be done in a way that the client can keep total confidentiality of the subject he wants to see. The “representatives” have either no knowledge of the Client and his organization or they are not told the issue that is being considered nor they know who or what they are representing.SC-4x3-2

The client becomes a spectator of his systems dynamic. The facilitator observes the representatives, asks what they are experiencing, movements can take place, hidden situations within the system are revealed and addressed in a way that aims to find a healthy and respectful place for all the members of the system.


Some symptoms of systemic issues that can be seen through a Constellation Work:

  • Employees or teams seem to have lost work effectiveness.
  • Employees resistance to change unusually high.
  • Leadership issues. A new leader is not respected by the team.
  • The team complains that the leader or the organization does not recognize their efforts.
  • Important decisions are difficult made or not at all.
  • High turnover. Considerable high levels of sick leave or burn-outs are indications of a systemic issue.
  • Company losing clients. New product does not seem to work as expected.
  • There are continuously frictions between teams or individuals.
  • What do we need to look at and take care of when merging our company with another one?
  • Which candidate is the best fit for our team?


ORGANIZATIONAL CONSTELLATIONS are a very time and cost -effective way to obtain information about the underlying systems’ dynamics allowing a deeper understanding that opens doors to new possibilities and solutions.