Systemic coaching  considers individuals, teams, and organizations in the context of the system in which they belong, rather than as isolated entities. It includes resources from past and present so that solutions emerge that naturally allow the movement towards change and solutions.

The holistic approach to Systemic Coaching is an invitation to see organizations as living interconnected systems consisting of individuals, organizations, teams and wider markets. All is interrelated, so any changes happening at one level will have repercussions somewhere else in the system. A Systemic Coach will zoom out from the issue presented to explore the bigger context.


In a systemic way of thinking a problem wants a solution. When you acknowledge the problem as a part of the system – the problem may be the solution.

Anton de Kroon.

This means that if an organization is letting go one of its team leaders for the 4th consecutive time, despite the company’s efforts to hire the right candidate – the system is trying to say something and as long as the hidden dynamics are not brought up to light, the next appointed person will not be able to take this position either just because that space is not free.

It can be found for example that a former team leader was fired and his contribution to the organization was never recognized.  By looking at the symptom in a systemic way, the cause can be found and addressed. Once the excluded has been given his place and recognition in the system, that team leader position becomes free again and the flow is restored.


  • Individual sessions:

    • Career development, when transitioning to a new position.
    • Leadership, finding difficult to take the lead.
    • Motivation and Resilience. Self-confidence.
    • To manage stress. Life and work balance.
    • When different solution trials have failed.


  • Group sessions:

    • Team relationships. Team Building.
    • Communication with other departments.
    • Achieving skills that align to company’s vision. Delivering results.