Everything is interconnected, we constantly enter and exit systems. As in nature these “systems dynamics” have its own principles that serve to preserve them, systems are optimal when there is flow. Signs of a healthy organizational system shows, effective working people, ideas generating freely and effective problem solving. Leaders feel empowered and useful.Logo Activa Sistems_Mesa de trabajo 1

Then there are other dynamics that appear in a system presenting themselves as stuckness, repeating patterns, dysfunctional teams or  conflicts, trying to express something. Trust and motivation are missing. People experience high levels of stress.

Only Systemic Work focuses in understanding and illuminating hidden dynamics in order to obtain new alternatives for change and solution with the aim of restoring the healthy flow in an organization.

Constellations encourages participants to get out of their heads and work from their “felt sense” – at a holistic level of knowing that is very different from our normal understanding of knowing.



Systemic Constellations

Organizational Constellations is a systemic approach mainly used to bring to light and diagnose hidden dynamics in a business organization. It serves to analyze alternatives for a possible change, in order to help the client, find different strategies to implement  solutions. This methodology is complimentary to other forms of diagnostic and solutions analysis.

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Systemic Coaching

Considers individuals, teams, and organizations in the context of the system in which they belong, rather than as isolated entities. It includes resources from past and present so that solutions emerge that naturally allow the movement towards change and solutions.

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